Complete Tai Chi & Qigong Syllabus

You can always access the entire Tai Chi syllabus of training. Here you will find every lesson, every instruction and every detail. 

A library of courses for each of the major areas of Tai Chi training.

The Tai Chi Gcademy is separated into easy to follow courses and sessions to make sure you dont get swamped with information and can maintain your practice of Tai Chi for years to come. However, we know that some people really need the details of specific methods. That's why we have a complete syllabus library of every method and technique we teach. But we have also separated this library into individual sections and courses, all colour-coded to make life much easier.

Introducing Tai Chi & Qi gong with everything you need to know.

Introductions & concepts

Everything you need to know about Tai Chi can be found in this section. We talk history, aims and objectives and all of the common underlying principles and concepts of the Tai Chi and Qi Gong. In this section we outline everything that you will carry through your Tai Chi practice.

Tai Chi Basics & Foundations

Tai Chi Jibengong

As with any training method or art, we must understand some of the fundamental building blocks. In this section you will learn the Tai Chi Jibengong, the foundational methods to build your body and mind and prepare you for the internal and external Tai Chi practice. 

Tai Chi Nei Gong & Qi Gong

The internal work of Tai Chi

Instruction in the internal training methods of Tai Chi Chuan to build and develop your internal power and health. Train in the Nei Gong (inner work) Qi Gong via a series of training sets. Here you will learn the 5 gates of breathing, the 8 powers Nei gong,  the Shi Ba Shi Qi Gong and the Standing Posts Qi Gong methods for a complete approach to the internal training of Tai Chi.

Detailed Tai Chi Form Instructions

Yang style Tai Chi form

The form is perhaps the most famous part of Tai Chi practice. Here we look at every position in some of the most popular forms from a beginner, intermediate and advanced level of perspective. Learn the choreography of the Tai Chi forms, the internal methods, the transitions and how to perform them as loops, sections and in totality.

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