Tai Chi Jibengong - The Foundations of all methods and movements.


Build your practice on solid foundations.

As with most things, the practice of Tai Chi relies on correct use of the body, the mind and the breath.  Developing this correct use is the domain of the Jibengong - or basic work.

Learn how to use your legs, how to step, how to use the waist the arms and the body. Learn the methods of using and developing the Lower Dan Tien, the Kwa and the breath, all in our expansive Jibengong Section.


Dedicated study of the foundations will build a strong practice

When we look at Tai Chi we often see the end result, the form, the push hands, the movements. But behind all of this, there is a dedicated series of training methods that require our attention. 

Many a Tai Chi Teacher has said 'Focus on the basics' and without doubt those teachers are right. This is why our Jibengong Section is the largest in the academy, with multiple courses and instructions on every way that we use the body or mind in practice.

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