Tai Chi Forms - The famous practice


When we think of Tai Chi - we think of the Tai Chi form being performed

Whether you are new to Tai Chi or have trained in it for years, one of the defining characteristics of the style is the form.

Tai Chi has a number of different styles and a mass of different forms. From the Lao Jia of the Chen style to the routines of the Sun Style there are myriad variations and adaptions. 

In the Tai Chi Academy we have specifically selected the forms which can be best taught to you online. 


Filled with purpose and depth

Although the forms we have selected for the Tai Chi Academy tuition are relatively modern, they are taught and performed in the old style of Yang Tai Chi. We have put all of the old mechanics into these forms, creating a practice that is as relevant to the modern world as it is a homage to the old one. 

Learn short to medium length forms in the Tai Chi Academy, and take them with you for life.

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