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This verse describes a common problem when interacting with a strong partner. If we do not move at the correct time and take the correct position, our own structure will suffer the consequences. We will have to distort our position and our body in order to cope with the superior structure and position of the partner. It is an extremely common occurrence in Martial Arts but in Tai Chi. where there is a focus on our own body it is of larger importance. 
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In my opinion the concept of softness is perhaps the most misrepresented idea in all of Tai Chi. For many, softness is to be floppy, it is to be loose in both musculature, structure and position. I have lost count of the number of Tai Chi exponents that I have met who had embraced this idea, most of whom could not maintain their positional security when interacting with a partner. So why this confusion?
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Today we look at a combative consideration in the application of Tai Chi from the Classics. Here the verse describes the process of ‘severing the root’ of the opponent so that they can be defeated quickly and certainly. Lets explore how we can interpret this guidance.
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Continuing with our look the various texts known as the ‘Tai Chi Classics’, this month we look at what the Tai Chi Chuan Ching has to say about posture and movement. This section from the Tai Chi Classics describes the way the body should be trained, both in its posture and in its movement, and although just s few short lines it is a great signpost for our practice. Indeed when we think of this verse, we quickly can associate it with the graceful movement and body position of the Tai Chi Adept.
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The originators and developers Tai Chi realised that, not only were some of the attributes achieved through training useful for combat, they were also useful for health. Indeed, many of these early methods of health and wellness training were required before the fighter could truly utilize the arts combative side.
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In this series of articles, I give my thoughts on various verses from the Tai Chi Classics. The classics are a series of poems, manuals and instructions left by famous masters of the past.
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One of the first questions that a teacher of a traditional art can expect to be asked from some circles is ‘Who was your teacher?’ or ‘What is your lineage’?
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