The Fighting Art of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is know as a gentle form of exercise, but those who have felt the hands of a true expert know differently. We will show you a unique perspective on the fighting art of Tai Chi.

Healing and Harming ... the Yin & Yang of Tai Chi Chuan.


Healing & Harming - The Yin And Yang of Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi is best known as a healthy practice full of useful and real benefits. But actually this healing art is founded in a brutally effective Martial Art. 

The fighting art of Tai Chi Chuan is rare, almost lost. There are very few left who can REALLY use this art for self defence and combat. There are many 'applications' out there for the Tai Chi Movements that simply will not work, they are contrivances created by back engineering movements and trying to figure out how they work


Real combative context 

To understand how Tai Chi can be used, the teacher should have real combative experience and Chris has this in abundance.

Working in night club security for a number of years, Chris was faced with weapons, multiple opponents and the realities of the pre & post fight scenarios. He knows violence, and knows what it means to be able to stop it. But not only this, Chris is also a decorated combat sports athlete, having competed at the highest level in submission grappling and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. 


Can I learn how to defend myself through online tuition? 

In a word ... NO! Definately NOT! But  .... understanding the drills, techniques and principles behind the methods can lead you further in your partner and fighting work. It takes training to learn to fight, and alot of it! Make sure your efforts are focused in the right direction. 

The Tai Chi Academy combat add on will not give you the skills needed to fight someone. Because that requires alot of training on your part! But it will illuminate how Tai Chi is used, give you drills and approaches to practice with your training partners, and help point you towards the work needed to use Tai Chi in combative exchange. 

Context Matters ... in fact it is everything 

For you to be able to actually use Tai Chi Chuan, you will need to understand how we train it, the details and methods that are inherrent in the forms, nei gong and jibengong.  This is because Tai Chi relies heavily on 'Body Skill' to be effective. We must use the body in the right way, otherwise, its not Tai Chi Chuan. 

As such, you will only be able to access the combative material after 6 months of membership to the Tai Chi Academy. After this time you will be able to open up the 'combative' section of the academy and begin to learn and research the fighting side of this art. 

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