Tai Chi for Recovery & Rehabilitation

If you are recovering from injury or illness, sometimes you will need a soft practice to help get you back on your feet. Tai chi practice has proven effective in the rehabilitation of injury or illness.

Re-align, rebuild and refocus through Tai Chi & Qi Gong practice for rehabilitation and recovery.

The Tai Chi Academy, Head instructor, Chris, has had MANY injuries. A life of competetive sports and martial arts would often leave its mark in the form of a torn muscle, snapped ligament or worse. So he has had plenty of opportunity to test the power of Tai Chi and Qigong for recovering from injuries. Not only that but he has also seen it help numerous friends and students who have had injuries illnesses or simply fatigue from hard training.


Recovery matters. Its Science!

ASk any strength and conditioning coach worth their salt how important recovery is and they will immediately say it is vital. Similarly top level physiotherapists are constantly monitoring elite athletes to ensure they are recovering properly.

So why do so few people prioritise this part of their lives? Place some importance on recovery and seen your daily energy levels spite, your mood change and a host of other positive factors come to the fore. Tai Chi and Qi gong represent some of the best methods to recover available. Performing Nei Gong (internal work) with a focus on the Breath will allow you to reconnect to your body and allow it to relax in a new and deeply rooted way.

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