More people over 60 Practice Tai Chi than any other training method.

There is robust scientific evidence that Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercise methods available for the over 60s to improve a huge number of conditions and to enhance balance and stability.

A practice you can do every day,

for health, vibrance and happiness. 

As we advance in age, there may be new challenges and hurdles for us to overcome regarding our health. It is said that prevention is the best cure and a correct and regular practice in Tai Chi or Qi Gong has been shown to help people over 60 across the globe avoid certain health problems. But this isnt the only reason to begin this practice. In fact, having something that you can value and train every day is a wonderful enhancement to anyones life. Tai Chi is the perfect method to learn and is something that will last you a lifetime as your practice gets deeper and more and more refined. 


Turning inside to discover vibrance.

Tai Chi is a wonderful practice for those over 60. The parks in China are filled with people practicing under trees or in clearings every morning.

This popularity is due to the clear vibrance that results from correct Tai chi practice. It is used to stay healthy, to become healthier, and to manage existing conditions. Join the millions of people around the world just like you who train Tai Chi every day of their lives. You will not regret it. 


Tai Chi can be modified to suit your abilities. What matters are the details 

We have spent a long time identifying precisely what can be most useful to you in your practice. As such every part of the Tai Chi academy explains in detail what you should be feeling and doing while you practice.

You can begin learning and practicing Tai chi straight away with our short courses which include follow along lessions. These courses will teach small routines, qigong and nei gong to begin your journey into Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

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