Begin your journey into the amazing practices of
Tai Chi & Qigong

It is estimated that over 300 Million people practice Tai Chi (TaiJi) worldwide. Find out why this ancient and powerful practice remains so popular in an ever more complex modern world.

The Tai Chi Academy is a resource for learning the arts of
Tai Chi (Taiji) & QiGong (Chi kung)

Tai Chi (taiji) & Qi Gong (chi kung) are popular and effective methods used throughout the world by people of every age and background. For many, these practices are used to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing or to provide a focused daily movement practice. We have developed the Tai Chi Academy to be a comprehensive guide in helping you to begin or deepen this wonderful practice. With a range of courses and approaches available in the academy, for a simple monthly subscription, our aim is to demystify, clarify and simplify the amazing and life changing art of Taiji to those who may not have access to high quality teachers.

So what can you expect to find inside the Tai Chi Academy?

The Concepts & Intros

Everything you need to understand the language and anatomy of Tai Chi & Qigong

Jibengong - Fundamentals

This is the largest section of the academy, and with good reason! Everything relies on solid foundations!

Internal Training

Tai Chi is one of the famous 'Nei Jia' or 'Internal Family' of Martial Arts. And so internal training is a vital part.

Forms & Routines

The forms and routines are perhaps the most famous aspect of Tai Chi. Here you will learn ones specially selected for tuition online.

Subject Courses

Cut straight to the heart of the matter by focusing your learning on specific topics in specialist courses.

Challenge yourself!

Whether its 10 days of Standing, 14 days of softening or 5 weeks of Nei Gong, these fun challenges are excellent ways to focus.

An intelligently organised intructional library to give you the maximum results in your Tai Chi training.

  • Over 375 Individual Lessons
  • 28+ Individual Courses (and growing!)
  • Beginner & Experienced Details
  • Everything you need to begin, or expand, your Tai Chi
  • Mobile & Desktop friendly platform, learn anywhere.
  • Low monthly cost!

Frequently asked questions ...

YES! For the life of your subscription to the Tai Chi Academy you can access every course and lesson. When new courses or lessons are added, they will automatically be available to you as well.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves in explaining things in a simple, no-nonsense way, so that you understand exactely what is meant. Also many lessons are split into beginners lessons, and experienced lessons to help you seperate the basics from the more advanced concepts.

You may have noticed Tai Chi Spelled in a number of different ways. They are all the same art, it is simply a different way of turning the Chinese Characters into English ones. Similarly you will notice Qigong and Chi Kung, again this is the same methods, different translation to English. More on this can be found in the 'Learn Tai Chi' > 'Whats in the Spelling'

Nothing is better than a good teacher! BUT many of you simply dont have access to good teachers (They are not very common!) The Tai Chi academy can be used as 'continued study' if you are already training under a teacher, or it can form the basis for your understand through the effective online tuition. Yes you really can learn Tai Chi online.

A complicated topic! Chris, the head instructor, has learned from a number of sources. Head to our more section and check out the article "standing on the shoulders of giants" which talks all about the subject of lineage!

Our pricing is extrmely simple. Although we probably have one of the largest online training portals available, we also dont believe learning something new should cost the earth! As such you access everything for one low monthly subscription of £19.99 (Approx $25 / €23)

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The Tai Chi Academy

Learn Tai chi (taiji) and Qigong (chi kung) online with our 5 star rated programs and academy. Over 375 lessons, 28 courses and a multitude of challenges and special trainings.

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