What to expect from Tai Chi

If you have never attended a Tai Chi class, or followed an online program you may not know what a Tai Chi or Qi Gong session is like or what to expect. Don't worry, we are here to help.

Every Tai Chi & Qigong School is different 

But most follow similar themes 

Perhaps the most intimidating part of starting any practice is walking into the training room for the first time, to the full class, all so experienced and skilled. There is beauty and excitement in that early interaction with a teacher and students, but sometimes you want to arrive well informed. Although you don't need to go anywhere to learn in the Tai Chi Academy, you may still want to know what to expect from a standard class. We are here to help, so let's look at what most Tai Chi classes and schools will cover in their syllabus and sessions.


Understanding what you are doing & why is one of the first steps

Jin, Shen, Yi, Jibengong, Nei Gong, QiGong, Ma Bu, Gong Bu! Tai Chi is filled with names and phrases that can prove difficult to understand. This can lead to wishy washy ideas of what they mean or represent, which leads to unfocused or ineffective training.

The Tai Chi Academy has everything you need to begin or further your journey into the world of Tai Chi or Qigong. Absent the mysticism and vague concepts, you will find a practical and direct approach to learning these wonderful methods.


Jibengong - Creating solid foundations.

The foundations of Tai Chi involve training and creating a series of qualities that are needed for Tai Chi practices. Most beginner classes will devote a large amount of time per session to these basics, known as the Jibengong.

Solid foundations underpin all of Tai Chi. To perform the famous Tai Chi form correctly we have to make sure we are able to understand and exhibit the Tai Chi internal power clearly and correctly. The Tai Chi Jibengong section devotes many hours of detailed instruction in these vital methods.


Training for Internal Power - it's about real and useful training methods.

Nei gong and Qi Gong are the internal training elements of Tai Chi Ttaining. These methods involve breath training and a deep introspective focus. Most Tai Chi classes will include an element of Qi Gong or Nei Gong practice.

Internal power is a process surounded by 'Woo Woo'. In the Tai Chi Academy we teach the subject of internal power training with clarity and direction. You will feel the benefits of this type of introspective training with easy to follow short courses as well as details on the methods we practice.


The Famous Tai Chi Form

All Tai Chi classes will do some training on the famous Tai Chi routine. This will usually be a later section of the class where everyone will move through the form together, or where people perform loops of Tai Chi movements.

In the Tai Chi Academy we structure the form training such that you can initially learn the choreography of the Tai Chi form, and then add detail after detail. Our Academy contains many deep body methods and internal details for every form movement and transition we teach.

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