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Joining the Tai Chi Academy is Simple. Get all of the benefits of Tai Chi Practice for one simple monthly price. No commitment | no contracts. 

Applied Tai Chi
- Academy Add On - 

  • Practical Application of Tai Chi
  • All application content
  • Fighting & Combat approaches
  • Pushing hands
  • NOTE: Must have academy membership for a minimum of 6 months to access this material.

Coming soon.

The Academy

  • Full academy access
  • All courses & programs
  • Complete syllabus
  • Monthly Training Plan
  • *Combat sections not included.
£19.99 Month
(approx $25)

Private tuition service 

  • Full Academy Access +
  • Full applied Tai Chi Access
  • Customized Support & Tuition
  • Private training services
  • Monthly reviews of progress

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Over 375 Lessons / Over 30 Courses / Monthly Classes /  Easy to use system

The Tai Chi Academy

Learn Tai chi (taiji) and Qigong (chi kung) online with our 5 star rated programs and academy. Over 375 lessons, 28 courses and a multitude of challenges and special trainings.

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