What do academy members think? 

The Tai Chi Academy is built to make its members understand and train Tai Chi in as clear a way as possible. Hear what some of them have to say about the academy.

A Senior Tai Chi Teachers Recommendation

"I’m 80 years old and teach taijiquan in a small desert town in USA. My martial arts experience includes several internal forms of taijiquan (Yang, Sun, Yangji Miquan; Mantis); Kung Fu (San Soo, I Liq Chuan); and general wusu. Martial arts is a hobby for me rather than a profession; however, I have been fortunate enough to study under very high level teachers for many years. I mention my experience in martial arts to give credence to my judgment of Chris Davis and his Tai Chi Academy courses.

I highly recommend his courses and instruction to my students and to anyone who desires to learn the real meaning of martial arts. This means that if you study under Chris’s tutelage, whether it be beginning exercises; advanced techniques in neigong; or pugilistic applications, you’ll learn from an excellent teacher. His writings, videos and instructions are clear and concise, allowing you to adopt his information into your personal training. For older students, Chris provides safe and healthy courses you can adapt to your personal needs. Moreover, his blog enables you to ask questions and to read other students’ replies. For reason listed above, I recommend Chris Davis’ taijiquan courses and his other course to anyone seeking a superior teacher in martial arts."

Philip Hanson

Traditional skills, modern approach

"TCA is a unique platform among the tai chi online learning community. While the skills one learns from the various courses in the academy are decidedly traditional, the way they are taught feels very modern in its approach. Chris Davis is a great teacher with skill to both concisely explain and clearly demonstrate the concepts he is teaching. The definitions of key tai chi principles are precise, offering concrete goals to achieve through myriad small but specific exercises intended to produce those results. Unlike most tai chi courses available online which follow a lesson of the week approach, TCA presents an extensive learning platform with a lot of material that is immediately accessible while also having a structured monthly training approach for beginners offering an hour long lessons. I find this approach working really well, offering something new irrespective of your level, from jibengong and neigong to qigong and form work and the new combat module which is already gearing up to become a real gem of the academy. With its no nonsense approach starting from the "basics before basics" of fighting, it will lay foundations to actual development of tai chi combat abilities while still being very clear and upfront about the limitations of the format (you have to go train fighting somewhere, you cannot learn it through video lessons). All in all TCA is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in actual skills of tai chi."

Marko Vojnovic

Easily among the very best sites of its kind online ...

"Chris' material and ability to explain and demonstrate complex methods and concepts, is absolutely outstanding! Easily among the very best sites of it's kind online. "

Kasper Malten

From an experienced karateka

"I am a karateka, already for more than 50 years, training and searching. Tai chi was totally unknown territory to me. Till I discovered the courses Martial Body from coach Chris. I try to integrate it into my wado karate. How enriching. And so I automatically rolled into coach Chris’s Thai Chi Academy. A whole new world opens up. Even though I am a beginner in tai chi, you learn very quickly how to use your body in the most efficient way. And it is perfectly applicable in my Wado Karate. It does not change the techniques, but it does change the way you use your body to perform them. Thank you very much, Chris."

Paul Van Cleynenbreugel

A very comprehensive way to learn tai chi

"A very comprehensive and no nonsense approach to learning tai chi and qigong etc. I had looked all over the internet for and tried various other online courses but none of them came close to the content and professionalism found in the tai chi academy. A truly remarkable piece of work."

Jim McKay

Tai Chi as it was meant to be: open, transparent and deep

"The Tai Chi academy is everything I had hoped it would be and more. I have studied martial arts before, and my instructors were good. Chris Davis is great. He has done the very hard work of taking a practice that is noted for secrecy, pseudo-mysticism, and frankly misdirection and put a very practical handle on it. I have learned about the energetics of Tai Chi (and by extension Wing Chun and other arts) in a way that honors the truth of the system without validating that truth by making you wait twenty years for it. The combat module is a welcome addition, showing principle of Tai Chi that are not immediately apparent,nor commonly taught. Chris' experience as a doorman and sport fighter come out here: his partners are always non-compliant, and he is clear that what he's teaching are principles, not answers. I am very glad to be a student at the Tai Chi academy, and I recommended it to anyone who wants to learn the art or just go deeper into martial energetics without having to sacrifice their intellectual honesty."

Geoffrey Nelson

The Monthly Training Sessions.

"You should take the monthly training sessions as your starting point, that is, if you really want to benefit from the academy. I found them a tremendous help to stay focused and at the same time they act as a sort of guide through the underlying taichi principles. And you can practice components more in depth in individual sessions with the accompanying technical library listing, really adding to the quality of each month session!

What I particularly like is the emphasis on the eight energies (Bamen), really in depth, so far I haven’t seen any one else discussing it so comprehensively and clearly. Which is actually also the great strength of his approach, crisp and clear, no-frills."


Practical Method for learning Tai Chi

"Studying martial arts was always a pleasure but also a struggle. I had to cope with a lot of esoteric and mystical concepts for which there was no logical explanation. The Tai Chi academy is the first place I encountered where a lot of those eastern concepts are translated into wording that a westerner can able to understand. If your approach to learning is very logical then the Tai Chi academy is the place for you."

Dragos Gurgui

From beginner to expert

"Excellent content with step to step teaching, a clear curriculum and explanations of stances and movements thats rarely found anywhere else. I like that the videos are in chunk bite sizes and you have both instructional and follow along."

Tony Falk

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