Learning Tai Chi & QiGong

Whether you are a complete beginner or a long term practitioner, the beauty of Tai Chi is that there is always something more to learn ...

Learning Tai Chi & Qigong is a gradual process of intellectual understanding, physical practice & persistance.

To get the most out of learning Tai Chi, we need to formulate an appropriate plan of action and begin a dedicated process of learning and training. After all, you can't train without understanding what to do, and you can't get better with only intellectual understanding. To make this process easier for, we have created a series of courses and approaches to suite every learning style and goal. This strays from the very traditional process of learning in a specific sequence (which you can also do here if you would like!) but maximises your chances of making Tai Chi and Qi Gong practices a permanent fixture in your life.

After all, to get the maximum benefit from Tai Chi and Qigong training you have to actually do it!

Start the journey at the right point

Tai Chi & QiGong for Beginners 

We all have to start somewhere, and often that first step is the most difficult to take. But once you dive in, you will be exposed to a world of discovery. Starting your journey with the Tai Chi Academy helps you to learn in a structured and clear way: 

- Learn the background and history of Tai Chi.
- The fundamental body mechanics of Tai Chi and Qigong
- The concepts and principles on which Tai Chi is based
- How internal work actually ... works!
- Short forms and the techniques within them

Already practice Tai Chi? 

Tai Chi & QiGong for Practitioners

When Head Instructor Chris was running his Internal Martial Arts school, it was filled with experienced practitioners. The Tai Chi Academy carries on that tradition and many who use the academy are already training in Tai Chi. The Academy Provides them with a resource to explore their own training and learn new details and approaches.

Even Athletes need to recover!

Tai Chi & QiGong for Athletes 

If you are feeling the effect of your training, we understand. Most Athletes are all about performance and focus on the harder parts of training. But it is well known that an integral part of any training regime is recovery. There is perhaps no better method on earth than Tai Chi for recovery and rehabilitation. 

Well documented and proven benefits

Tai Chi & Qigong for the over 60s

There is a mountain of peer reviewed research into the benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong for individuals advancing in age. So learning the methods and practices of Tai Chi as soon as possible will ensure you feel the effects of those benefits more quickly.  Begin your journey into a world of inner peace, health and vitality with the practice of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a Martial Art - Tai Chi Chuan

Applying Tai Chi for combat in a realistic and practical way.

As well as an amazing health practice, Tai Chi is a Martial Art also known as Tai Chi Chuan. The Tai Chi Academy also includes a section for those interested in how to apply this amazing art effectively. Teacher has a large degree of experience in combative encounters, with time as a nightclub doorman and multiple awards in submission grappling. This knowledge permeates the 'Combat' section of the Tai Chi Academy with knowledge rarely seen in the Application of Tai Chi

* NOTE: to add this module to your membership you must have been a member in the academy for a minimum of 6 months. 

Other specialist programs 

Tai Chi & QiGong online

The benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong are myriad and stretch beyond the obvious. We are constantly updating the academy with courses to cater for specific specialized subjects. Subjects like: 

- Tai Chi for  Mental Health 
- Tai Chi for performance
- Tai Chi for balance and stability 
- Tai Chi for morning routine
- Tai Chi for business people. 

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