Learn the Martial Art of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi is not only a complete exercise system, it is also a powerful and effective Martial Art. The Combat Module teaches the principles behind the style of Tai Chi so that you can apply them in your own practice.

Learn how Tai Chi Chuan approaches the subject of combat from the perspective of an ex nightclub doorman, British grappling champion and Tai Chi exponent. 

A no nonsense guide to the powerful and effective

martial art of Tai Chi Chuan

The Martial Art of Tai Chi Chuan has developed a bad reputation for mysticism and hocum in the world of Martial Arts. Our 'Combat Module' aims to redress that and return the focus of Tai Chi Chuan to a real, practical and complete Martial Approach. Instructor Chris Davis is a decorated combat sports competitor and an ex nightclub bouncer, giving him a unique and more importantly, complete, approach to the subject of violence. The Combat Module will take you on a journey through the principles and concepts that underpin Tai Chi's Fighting capability.


Take a look inside the Combat Module to see what you can expect to learn ...


Section 1 - Introductions

Before we get into the subject of Tai Chi Chuan and how it is applied, it is important to know the context, basis, expectations and origins of the methods that will be presented. In this course you will find a series of statements on training, approach, safety, background, origin and much more. A vital first step before going "hands on" ...


Section 2 - Approaches & Concepts

Next we look at what specific skills differentiate Tai Chi Chuan from other arts. Although ultimately 'Fighting is Fighting' there is no doubt that each martial art approaches the subject differently, and Tai Chi Chuan is no different. Here we look at concepts like Ting, Sung, Na, Crossing, Distraction, Fajin and more to understand what it is that helps Tai Chi in a real life combative situation.


Section 3 - Ranges, Position & Movement

Understanding some of the basics around range, position, hand placement and movement is often glossed over. Here we cover the basics of moving effectively, getting into the best range to apply your Tai Chi and producing optimum position to stay safe while at the same time unbalancing your opponent. Advanced Skills are built on solid basics, and these skills are just that!

A very comprehensive way to learn tai chi

"A very comprehensive and no nonsense approach to learning tai chi and qigong etc. I had looked all over the internet for and tried various other online courses but none of them came close to the content and professionalism found in the tai chi academy. A truly remarkable piece of work."

Jim McKay


Section 4 - Change, Speed & Power

Fighting is dependant on a few key factors and, whether using Tai Chi or Muay Thai, that will always be the case. Of course it is in how an Art achieves these requirements that the difference is found and this course will show you how to produce them for Tai Chi. How you 'Change' with the conditions of the fight, how you produce shocking speed and power (Fajin) is as important as anything, and here we learn to produce these skills.


Section 5 - General fighting skills

Now that you have learned to move with speed, power and change we look at the basics of fighting, with this huge and comprehensive course on General Fighting Skills. From evasion to striking, from throwing to ChinNa this section introduces you to both the basic methods of fighting and the over arching principles that you can apply universally to various skills and situations.


Section 6 - The 8 Powers (bamen)

The 8 powers of Tai Chi ; Peng, Lu, ji, An, Tsai, Leigh, Zhou, Kao are templates for using our body for specific outcomes. For fighting we can say that each of these powers have 2 facets, a Quality or Aspect to the power, and a general direction. This course delves into the aspect and the direction for each of the 8 powers and gives you no-nonsense partner training drills to help you to develop them. 


Section 7 - Tui Shou - Pushing hands

A core training method of Tai Chi is 'Pushing hands' or Tui Shou. This method is famous for developing sensitivity and fluidity in the practitioner, but there is much more to this seemingly simple set of training movements. This course introduces you to the various 'Circling' methods found in Tui Shou. The course shows Instructor Chris Davis, taking two Jiujitsu Athletes from no understanding to able to perform the practices at a basic level in minutes. 

Senior, experienced, Martial Artists recommend this course.

"I’m 80 years old and teach taijiquan in a small desert town in USA. My martial arts experience includes several internal forms of taijiquan (Yang, Sun, Yangji Miquan; Mantis); Kung Fu (San Soo, I Liq Chuan); and general wushu. Martial arts is a hobby for me rather than a profession; however, I have been fortunate enough to study under very high level teachers for many years. I mention my experience in martial arts to give credence to my judgment of Chris Davis and his Tai Chi Academy courses.

I highly recommend his courses and instruction to my students and to anyone who desires to learn the real meaning of martial arts. This means that if you study under Chris’s tutelage, whether it be beginning exercises; advanced techniques in neigong; or pugilistic applications, you’ll learn from an excellent teacher. His writings, videos and instructions are clear and concise, allowing you to adopt his information into your personal training.

Philip Hanson


Section 8 - Partner Drills

Here we have collated a library of partner drills that you can use to develop training with your partners. These drills are selected to develop skills and attributes that aid you in your process of understanding Tai Chi Chuan. From training the 8 powers to stepping, from pushing hands to striking flows - this library is a great bonus section that you can return too, time and again. 

Section to be released September 2021


Section 9 - The Master Strategy

All of Tai Chi fighting can be boiled down to one, master strategy and in this course we explore and train how to manifest it. 

"Unbalance the opponent & Apply a fight ending technique" 

As simple as this sounds there is a world of exploration to understand in the process of being able to apply this strategy reliably and under pressure. Learn off-balancing skills and fight enders in this comprehensive course.

Section to be released September 2021


Section 10 - Testing your skills

Testing your skills in a safe but progressive way can be challenging. In this section we train in unco-oporative but scalable fighting scenarios and techniques. Building our way up to semi free fighting, free grappling and free scenario training. The aim is to maintain our Tai Chi skills under pressure and put all of the training so far to the test!

Section to be released September 2021


Section 11 - Form Applications

For many, this would be the first course! But without all of the preceding information the application of a form movement is meaningless at best, useless at worst. This course gives you a blueprint of how to view form applications, with off the cuff applications and ideas related to all major form movements. 

Section to be released September 2021

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About your instructor

Coach Christopher Davis

Coach Christopher Davis has been training and instructing in the Internal 
Arts for over 20 years and has been sought out by experienced martial artists from multiple styles due to his clear and effective coaching style. Chris has had the good fortune to learn from multiple high level experts in Tai Chi, Xing Yi & Ba Gua, most notable among them researcher, teacher and adept, Alex Kozma. Chris' Internal Arts are the result of decades of serious and dedicated training in these deep and expansive arts. Chris was a nightclub doorman for over 7 years, working in particularly rough venues in the UK and has had hundreds of real encounters. He is also a decorated BJJ Black belt, with British titles in Grappling. Chris is responsible for training and coaching competitors in a variety of combat sports and has real world experience in both real fighting and sport fighting.

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