Learn the Northern Chinese Internal Martial Art of 

Xing Yi Quan (Hsing I Chuan)

Learn the powerful and rare art of Xing Yi Quan on a monthly basis with the monthly training series from the TCA.

A famous and powerful style of internal art.

Xing Yi Quan (Hsing I Chuan) is one of the 3 primary internal styles of Chinese Martial Arts. It is known for its apparent simplicity, which belays its huge depth and advanced body mechanics. Known throughout China for the high levels of power that Xing yi exponents express, the various styles of Xing Yi are formidable expressions of Internal skill. But Xing Yi is a complete system of martial, body, energy and mind development and is also well known for its clear and direct way of addressing health issues.  In this monthly program, you will learn everything you need to begin the practice of Xing Yi with clear and easy to understand principles and instructions. Providing theory as well as practice lessons, this course lays the groundwork for Xing Yi to become a life long practice.

Now you can progressively learn this style, from the absolute basics in our progressive monthly training program. 


Hebei Xing Yi Quan (hsing i chuan) 

Hebei Xing Yi Quan is one of the main branches of the art and the most popular style of Xing Yi. Made famous by great masters such as Gyo Yun Shen, Li Cun Yi & Sun lu tang, the system focuses on the a training posture known as San Ti and 5 power generation and directional motions known as the 5 element fists. These methods form the basis of the style and are the focus of the monthly training because, with them, you already have the health benefits, the power generation methods and a complete fighting system. Hebei Xing Yi also contains the 12 animal forms, which are methods of expressing ones intent in strategic methods. The 12 animals are expressions of mindset (intent) and the 5 elements into more complex and longer sequences of motion. 


San Ti & The 5 elements 

San Ti Shr is the main training posture of the system of Xing Yi. Used to forge the body and sharpen the mind intent, it is the focus of early training in the style. Standing in San Ti builds the structure of the body such that it becomes strong, supple and springy, which allows us to start our training in the 5 element fists (wu xing). 

The 5 elements are 5 directions, types of power, internal expressions and health practices. They are designed to train the body to express power in the directions that are useful for Martial Encounter, but they also contain many deep and practical health practices. The 5 elements are:

Pi Quan - Splitting fist - Metal - Lungs
Zuan Quan - Drilling fist - Water - Kidneys
Beng Quan - Crushing fist - Wood - Liver
Pao Quan - Pounding Fist - Fire - Heart
Heng Quan - Crossing fist - Earth - Spleen/Stomach

Senior, experienced, Martial Artists recommend this course.

"I’m 80 years old and teach taijiquan in a small desert town in USA. My martial arts experience includes several internal forms of taijiquan (Yang, Sun, Yangji Miquan; Mantis); Kung Fu (San Soo, I Liq Chuan); and general wushu. Martial arts is a hobby for me rather than a profession; however, I have been fortunate enough to study under very high level teachers for many years. I mention my experience in martial arts to give credence to my judgment of Chris Davis and his Tai Chi Academy courses.

I highly recommend his courses and instruction to my students and to anyone who desires to learn the real meaning of martial arts. This means that if you study under Chris’s tutelage, whether it be beginning exercises; advanced techniques in neigong; or pugilistic applications, you’ll learn from an excellent teacher. His writings, videos and instructions are clear and concise, allowing you to adopt his information into your personal training.

Philip Hanson


How does the online training work? 

Learning online is something that people now do in all walks of life, you can learn to play the guitar, to play chess, to do Yoga, to to crossfit or to fix a car. Teaching the Internal Arts is no less able to be taught than these other endeavours, if we train hard and diligently. 

In the Tai Chi Academy, we have painstakingly worked out what to teach and when so that you get exactly what you need but none of what you do not. In the Xing Yi Course, this process means that you get exactly what you need, each month, and none of what you don't. You will be able to focus on the system, train in the methods for the month, and build real skill before moving onto the next.

In a world of 'information' where rushing from one lesson to the next can be common, limiting yourself to the information for the month is a brilliant way to train. Over time your skill will be deeper, your knowledge will be greater, and your understanding of the system will be more complete. 


How to think about an online subscription?

We understand that many people would like to just pay for a single course and work on a subject in their own time, but we also understand that this isn't the optimum way to actually dedicate yourself to the material. How many times have you bought courses, with the best intentions, then never followed through and studied diligently. 

So at the TCA we work on a subscription model. You join with a small monthly fee, just like you would if you were attending a class, and then you are given information each month to learn and follow. This commits you to the material, and also ensures that you get the right info, at the right time! 

The best way to look at a subscription to online training, is that it is the same as a subscription to a local class. Sure you are not in the room, but the information is the same, and if the art isn't available near you, its the next best thing! 

£14.99 per month (30 day free trial)

Step by Step teaching & Clear Curriculum

"Excellent content with step to step teaching, a clear curriculum and explanations of stances and movements that's rarely found anywhere else. I like that the videos are in chunk bite sizes and you have both instructional and follow along."

Tony Falk

Join the monthly Xing Yi Course for just £14.99

We use a simple rolling monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time


About your instructor

Coach Christopher Davis

Coach Christopher Davis has been training and instructing in the Internal 
Arts for over 20 years and has been sought out by experienced martial artists from multiple styles due to his clear and effective coaching style. Chris has had the good fortune to learn from multiple high level experts in Xing Yi, most notable among them researcher, teacher and adept, Alex Kozma. Chris' Xing Yi is the result of decades of serious and dedicated training in this deep and expansive art, you will learn everything that Chris has discovered about this art from real training. 

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