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"Every Journey begins with but a single step" - The Tai Chi Academy is painstakingly designed to give you everything you need to take your first step.

Progressive, well thought out and easy to understand training is vital in the early stages of your Tai Chi journey.

The complete syllabus of Yang style Tai Chi is vast and includes hundreds of movements, techniques, internal training and variations! This mountain of information is daunting to even the most experienced practitioners, let alone the beginner! This is why we have developed a series of short Tai Chi courses to get your started and also laid the syllabus out in a simple step by step fashion. These Tai Chi courses will introduce you to the basics of Tai Chi and Qigong; how we move, why we move, and what each movement contains. With us, that first step and subsequent journey isn't quite so uphill!


Start with a Tai Chi short course, an exploration of a concept or simply with a little Qi Gong. Our beginners focused courses have everything you need to learn Tai Chi online.

Small amounts of high quality information are extremely important when learning a new skill and learning Tai Chi is no different. Learn a short Tai Chi routine, begin your basics practice, develop a habit and learn internal training.


Every technique, method and movement taught in the Tai Chi Academy has several videos. This is because we cater specifically for the beginner as one of our priorities. Check our the beginner's category for little chunks of information to get you started.

Short courses, specially selected lessons, just enough information to get you going, but not overload you. We have thought long and hard about how we present the easy to follow tai chi courses in the Tai Chi academy. You are in safe hands with us.

Check out some of our beginners focused courses 

Learn the Tai Chi short form in easy to follow weekly chunks

Short form for Beginners

The Tai Chi short form course we teach comprises of roughly 12 movements and is the first portion of the famous Yang style long form. This Tai Chi beginner's course breaks up the training of this form into easy to follow chunks. In 6 weeks you will have learnt the form, and be on your way to more advanced practice.

Relax and release - with 2 weeks of practice

14 days of Softening 

Connecting to release and softening bound tissue is one of the core benefits and requirements of Tai Chi. This short challenge helps you to focus on training towards that goal. 2 weeks of softening work will release bound shoulders and show you the true power of softness.

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