Small details make big differences

Tai Chi and Qigong can be complicated. With complicated practices, small details can transform everything. This is how the Tai Chi Academy helps existing practitioners.

Renowned for the details. The Tai Chi Academy is illuminating practitioners from every walk of life. 


Do you struggle to get clear answers? 

One of the most common comments we hear from existing practitioners of Tai Chi is that they struggled to understand a certain concept and then couldn't get an adiquate answer to help them understand. 

We have been there, believe me! And that is precisely why the Tai Chi Academy is filled with clear and direct instruction on all of the commonly confusing methods. Learn about the Lower Dan Tien, about how to use the Kwa and Yao. Learn about Jin, the 8 energies and the 6 harmonies. All with clear and precise explanations.          


Small changes, make big changes.

'Making the art your own' is one of the goals of Tai Chi practice. Tai Chi doesn't exist outside of the practitioner performing it. It is you that brings the concepts and principles of Tai Chi Chuan to life through your practice. 

This is why small and seemingly minor details can have wide reaching consequences in your personal practice. The Tai Chi academy is the guide to point the way along the path. Through a complete and comprehensive library of concepts, principles and methods for developing your personal Tai Chi practices you may find that pearl that you have been searching for.

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