Why chose the Tai Chi Academy?

There are many options for instruction out there, learn how the Tai Chi Academy could help to learn and improve your Tai Chi & Qi Gong practice.

Even though Tai Chi is extrmely popular, good information is rare ...

Firstly, let us say that if you have a good instructor near you, make sure you visit their class! There really is no replacement for the hands on approach of a very good instructor.

The Tai Chi academy is the next best thing however, and if you struggle to find good instruction close by, we have you covered! There are many choices for Tai Chi instruction out there on the internet, so why chose the Tai Chi Academy for your go to resource to learn Tai Chi online? 

Beginners should start on the right foot.

Beginning Tai Chi with an inexperienced teacher can lead beginners off track from the very first step.

The Tai Chi academy is a superb start point for anyone wishing to begin Tai Chi training. You will learn all of the basic terms and their meaning, the movements, body methods, internal training and form movements. This will give you the ammo you need should you then head to a teachers school to learn in a live class. The Tai Chi Academy is the perfect partner for your Tai Chi Journey.

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Details make a difference...

Even if there is a class near by,  you might want some more information to work with. Chris' Tai Chi Classes are filled with people already learning (often from very famous masters) who just aren't being given the details! 

The Tai Chi Academy is the ideal resource for those of you in that position. It is filled with information to help you on your Tai Chi Journey, and gives you all of the details in a no nonsense and down to earth way. From the use of the Kwa and Lower Dan Tien to the methods of open and close - every detail is here to inform and expand your personal practice.

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A non dogmatic approach

One of Chris’ teachers would say “Make the art your own” and this idea has permeates his approach to learning, training and teaching Tai Chi.

We believe that everyone can benefit from Tai Chi practice. This is why we put your learning FIRST, before the tradition, before the ‘style’.

What matters is that you ‘get it’! As such Chris has made changes and adjustments to the traditional way some techniques are taught, in order to maximise the learning potential of students, while retaining the essence of the art.

A mountain of information – But easily digested.

The Tai Chi Academy has over 350 individual lessons in the arts of Taiji and Qigong.  As well as multiple short courses on a number of subjects. From the basic movements of the stepping, to how to use the Lower Dan Tien, From the Nei Gong to the Form, you will have access to a truly vaste catalogue of information to keep you busy for years to come.

However, the material is expertly arranged to avoid overload, with small challenges, courses and methods to keep you engaged and progressing at your own pace. We thought long and hard about this academy, and we are sure it is maximised for your learning.

Learning Tai Chi shouldn’t Cost the earth

We really want you to benefit from Tai Chi practice. But we know that for many people around the world the cost is a factor. That is why we have kept the price of the Tai Chi Academy so low.

For the price of light lunch, you get access to one of the largest libraries of training available online. You don’t have to pay the earth, to learn these arts, nor should you. Tai Chi is for everyone.

What do experienced practitioners think?

Revolutionised my training

Chris' courses have been invaluable and has revolutionized my training and practice of Tai Chi. The information is presented very clearly and the exercises are excellent for helping to gain a further understanding of the art of Tai Chi,I can't recommend it enough!

Ben Long Term Yang Style Tai Chi Practitioner
Benefitted significantly

My Taijiquan practice has benefited significantly with the teachings - it is amazing to see and experience the changes in energy flow and body structure. The things I am learning from you guys are being applied in my forms, while handling weapons, as well as my join-hands and applications. Thank you!

GlyndwrLong Term Yang Style Tai Chi Practitioner
Invaluable information

Chris's courses have provided me with invaluable information which has led to massive improvements and filled lots of gaps in my IMA training. My structure, movement and power have all improved and this has been noticed in my regular Taiji class.

SteveLong Term Yang Style Tai Chi Practitioner

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